Adrian Gor was born in Romania and moved to Canada to further pursue his artistic and academic endeavours. His artwork combines writing, egg-tempera painting, relief printing, and hand crafted organic materials. As an image-maker, Gor is concerned with our consumerist culture, which is designed and triggered to engage our body in unhealthy habits, and aims to bring a critical reflection. His focus is on the violence and sexualized symbolism of surrounding images that may be hiding behind objects of daily living—thus the shopping cart as a leitmotiv in his work. In Gor’s mixed media work, the shopping cart is the daily container of desires and notions of truth. Among other symbols of today’s visual culture, the shopping cart allows him to question how our bodies connect to consumerist culture and if we lost any sense of sacredness that would revere our bodies as sacred living containers. 

For details of his artistic vision see Gor’s latest essay, “Reimagining the Iconic in New Media Art: Mobile Digital Screens and Chôra as Interactive Space,” published in Theory, Culture, and Society, SAGE Journals (2019) He has completed his PhD in the Humanities (Interdisciplinary) Program at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (2015) combining studies in Theology/Philosophy, Art History, and Studio Arts. Gor also has an MFA in Drawing/Painting from the School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor (2010). Among the honours he has received are the Purchase Prize Winners, Ottawa International Miniature Print Biennale Exhibition (2016); and Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate (Doctoral) Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities, Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada (2011-13). A solo exhibition of his work will be showcased at Alberta Printmakers (2019);


Adrian Gor currently lives and works in Ottawa, Canada

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